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Our Fields of Operation

Supporting Industry Readiness in Southern Africa 

Southern African Energy Advisory Services


•       Energy sector intelligence and orientation

•       Local industry positioning and alignment

•       Strategic planning and leadership support

•       International partnering and specialist support

•       Access to local and global energy stakeholders


Project Developments and Support


•       Project conceptualisation and planning

•       Project viability and feasibility studies

•       Project stakeholder coordination

•       Digital Transformation advisory and support

Complex Energy Projects


•       Organisational assessment and structuring

•       Safety-Class Quality Management Systems

•       Resource development and mobilisation support

•       Strategic industry partnerships and alignments

•       Specialist training and mentoring programs


Specialized Industrial Resources


NuEnergy has a wealth of experience in the development, coordination and delivery of large-scale energy projects, where we are aligned with local and international energy companies, professionals and specialists. We source top quality engineering, manufacturing, material supply and construction capabilities for complex energy projects, which includes regulatory, legal and financial advisory services.     

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